Illustration & Graphic Design

I'm Alex Power, A.K.A., Lexy - I do a little bit for myself, too! I've revived my childhood nickname as my trading name. My personal style is a mixture of quirky and neo-traditional; inspired by nostalgia, vintage/retro themes and nature. I'm very into two-dimensional work, focusing on line and block colour. My primary focus is print, where most of my work can be adapted to digital environments. 

Please contact me through hello@lexy.co.nz or fill out the form via, "PRICING" if you would like me to create something for you commercially or privately. I'm currently based in Taranaki, working remotely from home, but I am also very welcome to long distance clients. Enjoy having a look around my site!

My Instagram account (embedded and previewed below) is unrelated to my illustration and graphic design work. However, I've embedded it into my website because it's a really great platform to show my personality and style through everyday photos - my life outside of freelancing.
@lexypower - follow me if you'd like!