Hello! I'm Alex Power, A.K.A., Lexy - I do a little bit for myself, too! My personal style is a mixture of quirky and neo-traditional; inspired by nostalgia, vintage/retro themes and nature - focusing on line and block colour. I use a mixture of traditional and digital techniques; with the Adobe Creative Suite as my software of choice. My experience has mainly consisted of designing work for sole traders, startups and micro-medium sized businesses. I'm always on the lookout for new and exciting opportunities!

My primary focus is print, where most of my work can be adapted to digital environments. Please feel free to contact me if you would like me to create something for you commercially or privately. Based in Taranaki, working remotely from home, but I am also interested in in-house opportunities within the region. Enjoy having a look around my site!


Self-initiated creative work captures the essence of my personal style. My style is very freehand and traditional, where working digitally helps me refine my illustrations. 

  Lexy Logo  Self Identity

Lexy Logo
Self Identity

  Lexy Type  Freehand Font

Lexy Type
Freehand Font

  Lexy Minis  Small Illustrations

Lexy Minis
Small Illustrations

  Floral Minimal  Simplified Blooms

Floral Minimal
Simplified Blooms

  Quotes  Text & Image

Text & Image

  Hair Illustrations  Beauty Focused

Hair Illustrations
Beauty Focused

  Surreal Faces  Portraits

Surreal Faces

  Shoe Illustrations  Fashion Focused

Shoe Illustrations
Fashion Focused

  Espresso Drinks  Spot Illustration

Espresso Drinks
Spot Illustration

  Vintage Florals  Block Colour

Vintage Florals
Block Colour

  Vintage Dolls  Line Illustrations

Vintage Dolls
Line Illustrations



Lexy Illustration
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  • Freelance and in-house job opportunities
  • Personal commissions
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  • General enquiries & feedback

Based in New Plymouth, New Zealand. I look forward to hearing from you!