Illustration & Graphic Design
Brand identity
Marketing material
Editorial illustration
Info graphics (menus, pricing boards, maps)
Photography editing and retouching

Product photography and eCommerce
Business profile
Open to private real estate (sales, rentals, accommodation)

Contact me if you are in search for a creative experienced in illustration, graphic design and photography - for commercial or private purposes. I am also available for in-house or work-for-hire arrangements. Please fill out my enquiry form with as much detail as possible to get an accurate quote. If you have already written a design brief, please send it to My pricing is based on per item; not an hourly rate. Details in this form will be kept confidential and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Print and digital/web file types provided: .jpeg, .png, .eps, .pdf, .gif (if applicable)
Photography files come in two .jpeg sizes: 1x high resolution suitable for print and 1x medium resolution suitable for web
Files needed for social media adaptations (profile pictures, banners) are also complimentary.